Aby's Wedding 7th October


First, the preparations:


Mike (groom) 's daughter Mia (by a previous) has her hair done (she's the bridesmaid)




Mike the groom and I have our buttonholes pinned on (note the distrust on our faces)


Next, off to the wedding ceremony at Berkhamsted old town hall.

it's a very nice hall ...

First, Mia walked alone down the aisle (brave girl)

she did really well.

Then I escort daughter ...

(I didn't fall over or fart, so pretty good I'd say)

They sign up ...

next - to the reception

arrive at the Hall

tables are laid

my speech goes down well (it is very short but funny)

Aby's speech goes down well, and the ring bearers get presents ...

no they aren't hobbits! they are Mia's cousins, Mike's nieces. Cute as hell.

after 40 years, I can still make my wife laugh! (and no, it's not a one-way ticket to Australia)

son and daughter get on very well - he also gets on well with Mike - so much so that Aby sometimes gets cross when they go 'laddish' together and are up the pub etc.

and finally ....

it really was a big smiley day for everyone. excellent! (worth loading my car with 100 bottles of wine from SuperU to take back for it - everybody remarked how good the wine was).